Benefits of outsourcing your CMO: Cost-effective Marketing Leadership

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is essential as they devise and implement complete marketing plans to advance a company’s growth ambitions. They deal with market research, developing brands, advertising, and promoting customer loyalty. However, the old style of full-time employment of in-house CMOs may be too expensive, especially for small businesses still growing; hence, outsourcing is a good option.

Outsourcing CMO services allows companies to access experienced marketing practitioners without needing long-term contracts or extra costs associated with hiring permanent executives. This facilitates the company’s agility, scalability, and specialized knowledge required for unique needs. Outsourcing CMO services emerges as an adaptive solution in a dynamic operational environment, offering dynamic and cost-effective marketing leadership tailored according to the demands of contemporary enterprises.

Crunching the Numbers: CMO Salaries in Comparison

Image: A financial graph illustrating the steep curve of in-house CMO salaries

In the traditional corner, in-house CMOs demand hefty annual salaries, often exceeding $200,000, and additional perks and bonuses. It’s a significant chunk of your marketing budget devoted to one individual.

Now, enter the cost-efficient contender – the outsourced CMO. Paid by the hour or the project duration, you only pay for the time they dedicate to your business. It’s a budget-friendly approach that flips the script on traditional employment costs. No more paying for idle hours; you invest in strategic expertise when it matters.

Strategic Savings: The Outsourcing Advantage

Imagine you’ve paid an outsourced CMO to craft your strategy while marketing assistants or outsourced experts handle your tactical execution. The result? Significant cost savings without compromising on quality. It’s a financial game-changer that allows you to optimize every dollar in your marketing budget.

Motivation Matters: The Drive for Excellence

With outsourced CMOs, motivation is not just a buzzword; it’s a driving force. Over time, internal employees might lose their initial zeal, focusing on meeting the bare minimum requirements. In contrast, outsourced CMOs continually strive to exceed expectations, injecting passion and energy into every project.

The outsourced CMO advantage extends beyond cost savings and expertise. Their detached perspective allows them to scale rapidly, unburdened by office politics or the inertia of internal motivation. They step into your business armed with a clear understanding of what needs improvement, backed by research and extensive industry knowledge.

Moreover, they redefine goal-setting. Fresh eyes, meticulous research, and profound expertise enable them to set SMART goals swiftly, often before officially joining your team. This immediate goal-setting injects urgency, focus, and direction into your marketing initiatives, ensuring every effort aligns with your business’s critical areas to improve.

Case Study: Lulu & Georgia’s Soaring Success with Outsourced CMO

Let’s delve into the real-world impact of outsourcing Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services by exploring the remarkable journey of Lulu & Georgia, a distinguished interior design e-commerce site with a legacy dating back to 1955.


As a seasoned player in the home décor space, Lulu & Georgia faced a pivotal challenge – transitioning its brand to the online realm. With a rich history of beautifying residences, hotels, and businesses worldwide, the California-based company aimed to navigate the crowded e-commerce landscape and carve a niche.

The Partnership with Hawke Media:

Recognizing the need for specialized expertise, Lulu & Georgia turned to Hawke Media, a company specializing in outsourced marketing. The goal? To craft a dynamic marketing plan that would elevate brand awareness, attract consumers, and drive substantial profits and overall business value.

Key Strategies Deployed:

1. Test and Optimize Strategy:

The first step involved rigorous testing and optimization of the marketing strategy. By targeting various demographics and crafting custom and look-alike audiences, Lulu & Georgia aimed to spike traffic. Hawke Media facilitated the testing and optimizing hundreds of advertisements strategically placed on platforms like Facebook. The outcome? New site traffic translated into sales, yielding a positive Return on Investment (ROI) and fostering significant growth in the brand’s social footprint.

2. Automate Marketing for Optimal Results:

Next up was the automation of marketing efforts, mainly through email campaigns. Establishing customer relationships and obtaining measurable feedback became more efficient through automated email series. This not only saved time but also nurtured potential customers toward conversion. Refining promotional emails and segmenting recipients ensured relevant messages reached the right audiences, optimizing results.

3. Retargeting Consumers for Increased Sales:

Strategic email marketing was employed to retarget non-purchasing site visitors with highly relevant offers. Implementing a well-thought-out email capture mechanism and retargeting strategy, Lulu & Georgia executed a win-back campaign for users who had strayed from the brand. Additionally, Hawke Media assisted in migrating the brand’s existing customer and marketing email lists to a new service provider, resulting in remarkable increases in open rates, click-through rates, and revenues.

Measurable Success:

The collaboration between Lulu & Georgia and Hawke Media yielded impressive results:

  • Doubled Monthly Revenue: Lulu & Georgia experienced a remarkable doubling of their monthly revenue in just four months.
  • Enhanced E-commerce Conversion: The strategic initiatives significantly boosted e-commerce conversion rates.
  • 12x Revenue per Email: The brand achieved twelve times more revenue per email, emphasizing the effectiveness of targeted email campaigns.
  • 29% Increase in Lifetime Value: The lifetime value of Lulu & Georgia’s customers saw a substantial increase of 29%.


The success story of Lulu & Georgia stands as a testament to the transformative power of outsourcing CMO services. By embracing strategic testing, automation, and retargeting, the brand overcame challenges and thrived in a competitive e-commerce landscape. As the holiday season approaches and the competition for consumer attention intensifies, outsourced marketing emerges as a dynamic solution for brands seeking rapid and profitable marketing solutions.

Final Overview

Outsourcing Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) services emerges as a dynamic and adaptable solution, offering numerous benefits: cost-efficiency, access to specialized skills, and industry-specific expertise. Businesses can strategically allocate resources using outsourcing as a cost-effective measure, avoiding the financial implications of having an in-house CMO. 

Outsourced CMOs may bring specialized skills such as data analytics and digital marketing, thus boosting the company’s overall marketing capabilities. Furthermore, incorporating industry-specific knowledge aids in developing and implementing marketing strategies that focus and resonate well with target markets. 

Therefore, it is through these multiple benefits that outsourcing CMO services becomes a game-changing strategy, making companies align well with dynamic yet cost-effective marketing that suits modern times.

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